Psych Syllabus

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PSYC 1010V

COURSE Introductory Psychology

COURSE CREDIT 4 credit hours

TERM/YEAR Win 2014


TIME/DAY 24/7 for eight weeks


E-MAIL Angel course e-mail system

TEXT Rathus, S.A., PSYCH 3 (Wadsworth/Cengage, 2014) Psychology.


This course will provide an introductory overview of the nature, scope, and methods of psychology as behavioral science, emphasizing development, biological foundation of behavior, sensation and perception, learning, emotion, motivation, and personality. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
Identify the historical and current
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In other words, you need to demonstrate your learning, knowledge, and integration of the material into the current discussion.


For each week, there is a quiz for EACH CHAPTER studied. You must take the quizzes by the dates indicated on the weekly Agenda. Quizzes are multiple choice with fifteen questions drawn from the text. Quizzes are timed. You may use your text and any other material you choose during the quiz. However, keep in mind that the quizzes are assessments. You will not have enough time to look up each question in the textbook. You should not enter a quiz until you have mastered the material.

THERE ARE NO LATE OR MAKEUP QUIZZES under any circumstances. Do not wait until the last minute to take the quizzes. Plan ahead so as to circumvent unforeseen events (e.g., power outages, technical difficulty, etc.) Quiz resets are at the discretion of the instructor. The Helpdesk is not authorized to reset quizzes.

Note: Practice Exams
Practice Exams are available in CourseMate. Directions for accessing CourseMate will be provided in a course announcement. Students are required to complete the practice exams for each chapter until they earn 100%. The practiced exam for each chapter must be completed before taking the corresponding quiz for that chapter.

Final Exam: