Sociological Perspectives on Unemployment

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Sociologists study human society. Their studies include human behavior in many social contexts such as social interaction, social institutions and organization, social change and development (Abraham). Because of the broad spectrum of social circumstances that are studied, unemployment is an issue in which sociologists thrive. Conflict in the areas of age, race, gender, and disability is common among the employed as well as the unemployed. From a sociological perspective, unemployment can be studied through both the Functionalist Theory and Conflict Theory. It also touches upon the results of unemployment in societies and institutions such as family, education, government, and health. Unemployment affects almost everyone to some extent …show more content…

Society needs to look at why the positions are non-existent rather than assuming it is the individuals’ fault. Unemployment affects our society in so many ways. The four main institutions it affects are family, education, health and government. Unemployment places added financial and mental strain on any family. The lack of income can cause many families to have to live without the basic necessities that we take for granted. They then need to turn to welfare agencies in order to survive. Lack of income also means children often have to miss out on school activities and sports programs as the family budget can’t stretch any further. This economic strain can cause breakdown in both the individual and the individual’s family. Circumstances such as this can turn in domestic violence incidents, alcoholism, gambling, and even suicide. Unemployment has such a wide range of affects on family life. When someone is hit with the burden of unemployment, they may lose their standing as both a provider and member of their community. Each of these aspects further increases the impact of unemployment. Unemployment also affects education. The comparison between public schools and private schools is already a hotly argued issue. It is a struggle though to pay for books, uniforms, excursions, camps and other school activities. If


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