Gender Inequality

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Gender Inequality In The Home Remains An Issue In Family Life.

Gender inqualities often stem from social structures that have instiutionalized conceptions of gender differences.
Gender inequality has been around for centuries. In many family homes, their lives evolve around gender roles. The responibilties in the family are allocated to their sex (gender). There are certain tasks which are usually allocated to males and females. Some see this division as biologolical differences between the sexes and others see it happening in cultural backgrounds.
There are sociological theories that have tended to see gender roles as natural and inevitable. Talcott Parsons, suggested that within the modern nuclear family it was essential that one
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In some of theses culturals domestic violence accurs and the women keep quiet about it because they cant leave because its discrimmination to their society and most culutrals don’t allow women to get a divorce.
Many developing countries including India have displayed gender inequalit in education, employment and health. It is common to find girls and women suffering from high mortality rates. India has witnessed gender inquality from its early history due to its socio-ecnomic and religious practices that resulted in a wide gap between the position of men and women in the society.
Gender inquality has an adverse impact on development goals and reduces ecnomic groth. It hampers the overall well being, because blocking women from participation in social polical and ecnomic activties can adversely affect th whole society. Discrimination also plays out with networking and in preferential treatment within the economic market. Men typically occupy positions of power within the job economy. Due to taste or preference for other men because they share similar characteristics, men in these positions of power are more likely to hire or promote other men, thus discriminating against women. Discrimination against men in the workplace is rarer but does occur, particularly in health care professions. Only an estimated 0.4% of midwives in the UK are male and according to cbs only 1% of all trainee nurses and only 2% of


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