Walmart and Why It Is Good for

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Walmart and Why It is Good for American Business “Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer...” Adam Smith. Wal-Mart is a producer who has the sole purpose of promoting consumption of the consumer. Wal-Mart and its quest for capital improvement are playing a major and vital role in the evolution of economic life. Wal-Mart brings positive change to towns in the U.S. They increase competition between retailers, stimulating the economy, and they also bring more capital and tax revenue to at town, some of which desperately need a positive change. “I think it’s …show more content…

Stopping a Wal-Mart from entering your town is a poor decision. The Wal-Mart that is driven away will most likely move-in somewhere close by. National studies show that hosting a Wal-Mart is much more beneficial for towns than being in the vicinity of one. The store would compete with other national chains in the area, having a negligible impact on locally owned downtown businesses. Despite some of these communities’ vain efforts to stop them, Wal-Mart has been expanding rapidly over the last decade. However, some retailers are using Wal-Mart’s arrival as an impetus to improve their business and become more competitive. These retailers are the ones that will have a better chance of survival. Some have even come to the realization that they, not Wal-Mart, might be the problem. Retailers facing the hand of Wal-Mart need to revitalize themselves and figure out new ways to compete and stay afloat. Finding a product niche is one way to keep business flowing. (By getting rid of lower-priced selections and focusing on premium, higher quality products) Wal-Mart is a super discount retail store. Their lower prices are offset with their inventory of lower quality products. One Portland, Oregon storeowner, Pete Jubitz, used some of these tactics to stay alive after a Wal-Mart moved within miles of his shop. “People came to Hood River to buy at Wal-Mart and often couldn’t find


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