Morality in the Hunt for Red October

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Morality in The Hunt for Red October

While hundreds, even thousands of excellent movies have been made over the years since motion pictures were invented, there are some movies that stand out among the best. There are various reasons for these standouts, sometimes incredible acting, sometimes impeccable story lines, but in many cases, it is the issues addressed by the movie. Most of the greatest movies contain commentaries or analyses of certain issues, be they moral, social, or otherwise. John McTiernan directed one of these films, The Hunt for Red October, based on the similarly titled best-selling novel by Tom Clancy. The Hunt for Red October, a product of the anti-communist attitudes of the 1980's, is above all a commentary on
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To begin, he must decide whether to follow the advice of the military council, or to follow his belief that Ramius is trying to defect. His decision will impact Ramius' decision, since if no one believes that Ramius is trying to defect, they will simply sink him. Instead, he chooses to follow his feelings, and as a result, he is able to help Ramius achieve his goals. He also must make a decision to convince Captain Mancuso to disobey his orders to help achieve Ramius' defection. He even tells a lie and takes an extreme chance to help convince the Captain. He believes firmly enough in his feelings that he can overcome a great fear of flying to be successful. Scott Glenn's character, Captain Mancuso must also face moral decisions. He decides to trust his feelings and follow the course suggested by his sonar chief, Seaman Jones who believes he can track the nearly silent Red October. Then, when he receives orders from the United States naval command to sink the Red October, he decides to follow Ryan's advice and disobeys the orders, instead attempting to make contact with Ramius. He must even overcome his natural enmity with the Russians to help Ramius succeed. Another character that must make a moral decision is Admiral Greer, portrayed by James Earl Jones. He knows that the orders that were given to the United States fleet were to sink the Red October, yet he follows his heart, and Jack Ryan's advice, and helps create the ruse that will allow Ramius to


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