Providing Services When Threat May Exist

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Providing Services When Threat May Exist
Monique Reed
February 15, 2015
Melinda Barker

Providing Services When Threat May Exist
Working with children can be difficult and time consuming because you never know what is going on unless they allow you into their world. Children will only allow a stranger in if they are scared of someone, have trust, or they know you well. This can serve as a difficult situation when a child is the victim of abuse or neglect and the outcome can lead to a negative outcome for the future of the child’s lifespan. The areas will involve mental and physical issues, poor academic development, social behavior issues, and health problems. As a human service worker and a leader in the community rather it be
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T., & Wilkinson, E. (2010). The use of the primary preventions will help the parents with programs that offer shelter, food assists, protective services, and child care programs. This method will help to reduce the stress the parent may have to give them the extra time to get themselves right to become better parents, and able to teach their child to become a productive individual when they reach adulthood. Even if there have not been no child abuse or neglect these programs can the parent to now become a suspect of child abuse, learning what avenues they have and the education to help them will become a superior primary prevention to child abuse.
Primary intervention and methods Human service professional use to prevent child abuse and neglect in a school setting is a little different than it will be in a family setting because a family setting will have a longer lasting relationship with the child than the school setting would. The individuals that work in the school setting having an obligation and responsibility to teach and look after the children. Especially if the individuals notice any visible marks on the child or the child communicate with them about abuse in their home. Rather it is the teacher, principle, or counselor it is their job and role to ensure safety first to the child and anyone else around even if calling the police have to happen. Whatever the solution is to stop the abuse than that is what have to happen.


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