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Ethical Issues in Business
Lisa B. Luckenbach
Western Governors University

ETHICAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS 2 Company Q is a small local grocery store chain that has a poor attitude toward social responsibility. After reviewing the given, I feel the chain is more committed to profit than social responsibility. Most companies are in a business to make a profit, however, the difference in what is considered reasonable and what is considered ridiculous comes into play. Most people start companies because it something they are interested in and to make a living. In today’s society the line between outright social responsibility
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According to the given, customers had requested health-conscience and organic products for years. If you are being socially responsible then you are listening to your stakeholders. It should not have taken that long to provide a product to the customer that has health benefits. The second part of this opportunity is to provide these products at a reasonable, rather than high-profit margin. Customers are going to pay more for specialty products, but since they have wanted it for so long, a reasonable profit margin would be more responsible than a high one. Another missed socially responsible opportunity was giving food to the local food bank. Again, wow, how would any company in their right mind not take full advantage of a “free” marketing event? Even if they didn’t care, which apparently they didn’t, about being socially responsible they clearly missed an advertising opportunity. In order to improve their attitude toward social responsibility they should have willingly donated the food to the food bank. They should have asked their employees to donate time to help out with the event. They could have cut out the middle man, the employee, by having

ETHICAL ISSUES IN BUSINESS 4 the food bank truck comes directly to the store and had the day-old products contributed that way. There are many ways they