Mt. Everest

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Mount Everest 1996

In 1996 two expedition adventure organizations joined operations to climb Mount Everest. Mount Everest is an unpredictable “800 pound gorilla” that demands respect from all that would attempt to achieve a fraternal summit acquisition. The pitfalls that await an assuming prepared expert can turn a well laid out plan into a treacherous and lethal reality. The expedition to reach the summit on May 10th, 1996 is a blue print of the defiant forces of nature and human error.

Two companies joined together to make the journey to the summit of Mount Everest in the spring of 1996. Both companies had expert climbers and guides that had reached the
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The weather on Everest is very precarious and the group leaders were making assumptions on what would happen with little or no contingency plan. Several of the clients had no high altitude experience and Boukreev, an experienced climber’ had reservations about the group and the backward preparations to climb to the summit. Training was out of his normal expectations (p.5). The delivery or acquisition of the right equipment was detrimental to the expedition and should have been remedied before any attempt was made to climb the mountain. High altitude tent should have been a priority but was not (p.5). Confrontation with wages among the porters was something that should have been contracted way before the expedition arrived. This slowed the necessary equipment delivery to expedite the climb and preparation (p.5). Fischer spent a great deal of his time focusing on solving issues. Boukreev had many concerns and reservations about the team and its’ cohesiveness. About the team’s overall level of readiness and ability I had concerns… [Particularly] the people who had no high-altitude assault experience. Our practice in training and developing climbers was to build their experience and confidence over a long time starting with lower level mountains and graduating them to 8,000 foot mountains when they were prepared. Her, I understood, as had been the situation on other commercial expeditions, I had


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