Skin Cancer in Relation to the Ottawa Charter

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Cancer is the second largest cause of death in Australia and accounts for approximately 27% of all deaths. Risk factors generally include exposure to sun, poor diet and smoking. Many types of cancer such as skin cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer are easily preventable by early detection and awareness; however, some cancers cannot be prevented.

The National Skin Cancer Awareness Program represents the new public health approach. This is because it has been created to prevent and reduce the incidence of skin cancer among teenagers and young adults. It takes into account the social determinants that influence a person’s health. For example, due to the sun’s very strong UV rays, Australia is a very hot country and
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Strengthen community action looks at improving public participation in establishing healthy choices of living. In relation to skin cancer/melanoma, local groups are involved in lobbying for additional shading in public pools to reduce the risk of sunburn. The support of the school community with school canteens to provide more nutritious foods provides young children with more healthier options that contain anti-oxidants, which are commonly found in vegetables, and raising awareness of breast cancer through vans in the community to help prevent diseases such as cancer. Strengthening community action helps empower the community and help them to utilize the resources in the community to enhance self-help and social support. An example of this is how a commercial with actors was made to reinforce the message to stay protected from the sun as well as another commercial where a melanoma surgeon was showing a young girl who was a victim of skin cancer and what she experienced. Commercials like these are successful because it shows that even celebrities, who are usually role models to young people, protect themselves and that anyone at any age can get skin cancer. They help people understand how big of a burden cancer really is and encourages them to come together to prevent it.

Reorienting health services in an action area that clearly focuses on