Hedging and Difficulties at Air Mauritius

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Strategic Management is an essential component in the view of completing the BA Honours in BUSINESS ENTERPRISE. The assignment will be dealing with the strategies and difficulties that exist at the Air Mauritius, the national airline of Mauritius.

To identify the root causes of the difficulties being faced at Air Mauritius, a strategic audit need to be carried out so possible strategic options could be proposed and utilised.

However, information has been obtained only from the website of Air Mauritius and from the daily and weekly local newspapers. Thus, all the gathered information is based purely on the website of the organisation and paper views from Mauritius.

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The organisational chart of Air Mauritius consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Director of Finance, Executive President of Sales and Marketing, Company Secretary, Front Line Managers, Customer Officers, Air Hostesses and Crew Stewards.

The following table shows the number of airbus operational at Air Mauritius with their specifications.

|Number of Airbus |Airbus Specification |
|2 |A340 - 300E |
|2 |A319 – 100 |
|5 |A340 – 300 |
|1 |A330 – 200 |
|2 |ATR72 – 500 |

In addition Air Mauritius has other subsidiaries namely, Mauritius Estate Development Corporation Limited, Airmate Limited, Mauritian Holidays Limited, Mauritius Helicopter Limited, Air Mauritius (S.A) (Proprietary) Limited. [Refer to appendix App.1 for


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