Security Weaknesses of Quality Web Design and Recomendations

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A company that deals with making web site and web business solutions is known as Quality web design is. The company provides its customers to provide an opportunity so that they can spread their business through the internet. The other business solutions accompanied are accounting, payroll marketing, also parts of the business process and for which it assets are employed. Here the solution of the weaknesses that are pointed in phase 1 will be called for there effective solution.


The company Quality Web Design provides business solutions to the customers... The circuit used by the company may prove various flaws to security and the
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this is omitted by using stored procedures. The other drawback that the company faces is the scalability problem that comes in front of team when they have to implement virtualization
the improvement can be done by using Microsoft sql server 2005 which provide virtualization in a very convenient way as it provides the user the facility to open different instances. The cost is very less as compared to the existing one. Secondly the training required to run this software will be very less as the 2008 is based on 2005 only.
The company uses Microsoft share point as a web server for department document and web sites. The disadvantage in using the Microsoft share point is that it does not provide the document level options like redaction and the document mark ups. SharePoint does not provide this functionality as it relies on its Microsoft Office suite for document manipulation. The other drawback is lack in providing customization
This problem can be solved with implementing various DMS/CMS servers with that of share point too. The other drawback is lack in providing customization and to up come this problem we have to wss and MOSS architecture. No doubt the software will turn up with the training and implementation cost but then how the features provided