Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Everyday Life

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HSC 3003: Provide support to maintain and develop skills for everyday life 1.1. Compare methods for developing and maintaining skills for everyday life.
Within my work setting of the nursing home, we have several ways we help develop skills for every day life. Within the home we have a physiotherapist, who works with residents to help them get better mobility by helping them move their arms and legs better as an example and encouraging them to attempt the exercises when alone also.
Once a resident has improved with their mobility its down to the care staff to help encourage them to continue using this daily life skill by encouraging them to be as independent as possible with things they are known they are able to do reporting any
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Even simple encouragement can help people wish to develop and maintain skills already achieved.

3.2. Give positive and constructive feedback to the individual during activities to develop or maintain their skills.
When giving feedback it should be always in a positive and constructive way during the activity where possible but straight after where needed. The person should feel that they have made development as well if it’s the case know what they could do to help develop the skill further.

3.3. Describe actions to take if an individual becomes distressed or unable to continue.
If someone starts feeling distressed or unable to continue the development it is essential to firstly find out what has triggered this whether it be physical or emotional. Once this has been established you can then discuss these issues and either come up with a new plan of development to achieve the same thing but slower or help motivate them more to help them get back on track and regain confidence. All this should be done in a confidential environment so to help prevent the person feeling worse about the situation than they already do.

4.1. Work with an individual and others to agree criteria and processes for evaluating support.
It’s important to work with a number of other people other than yourself and the person your helping to help with the development to its best


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