Cognitive Interventions

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Cognitive Interventions
Dialectical Behavior Therapy


Cognitive behavior therapy includes many types of therapy and can be applied in a variety of circumstances. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is most commonly known for use on clients with borderline personality disorder (BPD). However, DBT is becoming more popular and often used when working with adolescents. Some adolescents participate in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI). Counselors find DBT is an effective therapy to help youth acquire the coping skills needed to stop NSSI. A review of DBT, and adolescents suffering with NSSI will better help one to understand why this technique is beneficial. NonSuicidal Self-Injury

NSSI is defined
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As the treatment begins, the goal is to help the client determine the events, thoughts, or feelings one has prior to the NSSI occurrence. If one can determine factors contributing to the negative behavior, one can start to alter circumstances leading to NSSI and ultimately change the behavior. Clients are asked to maintain diary cards documenting behaviors and actions surrounding NSSI behavior. The diary cards address problem behaviors, immediate prior events leading to problem behavior, vulnerability factors, entire chains of events prior to problem behavior, and consequences from the behavior. Upon review of the cards the counselor can help the client identify triggers of NSSI behavior and find alternative life choices or thoughts to cope better with given situations (Choate, 2012).

Multifamily Skills Training Groups

The individual session emphasizes focus on assessment, client trust, and identifying the problem. Along with identifying problems, individual therapy does encourage behavior change. However, multifamily group therapy focuses on skill sets needed to facilitate change. To implement behavior changes and develop coping skills, the adolescents must be aware of thoughts, feelings, and actions; tolerate the pain and stress associated


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