Provide Body Massage

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Organisational and legal requirements – OUTCOME 5

a. What are your responsibilities under current health and safety legislation, standards and guidance, eg the Health & Safety at Work Act (and any other relevant legislation).
It is my responsibility to take care of myself and other people affected by my work. To be responsible for correct use of products and equipment. In accordance with Health & Safety at work Act 1974.

b. What are your responsibilities under local authority licensing regulations for yourself and your premises?
Under Local Authority Regulations, as a therapist you are required to have a license in order to treat, and also a license for the premises. Your premises can be inspected by environmental health to make
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p. How would you follow your organisations and manufacturers’ requirements for treatment area, equipment maintenance and equipment cleaning regimes?
Sanitise the area, including beds, chairs, trolleys, couch roll to be placed on all tiers of the have it re-freshened throughout the to COSHH, and equipment should be pat tested once a year to prevent accidents from occurring. Equipment heads should be clean with witch hazel after performing a treatment.
Beds, chairs, trollies should be cleaned with antibacterial spray such as Detol, Equipment should be cleaned with witchazel or surgical spirit

How to work safely and effectively when carrying out massage using pre-blended
Aromatherapy oils – OUTCOME 6

a. How would you set up the work area for body massage treatments?

• Sanitize working area including couch and trolleys
• Adjust couch for your height – making sure its comfortable for you to work
• Two large and two small towels
• Couch roll
• Massage oils, creams, purified talc
• Witch hazel or cologne to cleanse
• Dry cotton wool
• Spatulas
• Two Bowels
• Client consultation care
• Make sure temperature is comfortable between 18-21 C
• Have you selection of pre-blends on trolley ready.
• Make sure client likes the smell of the chosen pre bled
• Make sure you are comfortable

b. i). Complete the table below for body massage treatments:

Environmental conditions
Lighting Dimmed lighting sets the seen for massage, or even


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