Patient Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitis C

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Health Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitic C

For years, nursing was a task-oriented career. A nurse’s primary responsibility was to provide for the physical needs of patients experiencing illness. Nursing has evolved into a profession, which holistically treats and educates patients in a variety of health situations including acute illness, chronic disease, and preventative care. The competent practice of patient education has become a critical element in nursing. This paper will show the process of formulating a detailed patient specific teaching plan for a patient newly diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Hepatitis means liver inflammation and refers to a group of viral infections, most commonly Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B,
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Anatomy and Physiology as it related to the liver and Hepatitis C.

Modes of transmission and ways to prevent accidentally exposing others.

Signs and symptoms of liver damage and liver failure. V, P, D Son and daughter with patient to view video and participate in discussion. Pamphlets also given to family members. 11/18/09 DC
Patient will demonstrate ability to make healthy food choices. All alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden.

Multivitamins to supplement dietary intake.

Consult with dietician to evaluate diet and make recommendation. V, D, RD Patient scheduled to meet with dietician on 11/20/09

Continue dietary information at 11/25/2009 follow-up appt.
Patient will relate the importance of follow-up care to monitor for liver damage. Follow-through with liver biopsy.

Physician visit every three months for lab work.

Visit physician if change in condition occurs. V, P, D Scheduled for liver biopsy on 11/23/2009

Will discuss additional follow-up after liver biopsy results.
Patient will specify actions to help reduce fatigue related to decreased metabolic energy secondary to liver dysfunction. Small frequent meals

Avoid activity immediately after meals

Keep frequently used objects within easy reach



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