Providing Pedicure Treatment

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Function of the Skin
The skin is more than just external covering. It acts as a sensitive boundary between our bodies and the environment. The skin has several important functions, for example: Protection, temperature regulations, waste removal and sense of touch.
• The skin acts as a protective organ. The film of sebum and sweat on the surface of the skin (acid mantle). It acts as an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent the multiplication of micro-organisms on the skin.
• The fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin help to protect bones and major organs form injury.
• At the basal cell layer of the skin melanin is produced to help protect the body from harmful ultra-violet radiation.
• The horny layer of the
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• Cuticle – It constantly discards old cells and produces new ones and it becomes a barrier that protects the matrix from infections.
• Eponychium – This helps to prevent bacteria from entering and protects the growing area of the nail.
• Hyponychium – Is under the nail plate where the free edge is formed and is the layer of the epidermis which acts as protection.
• Perionychium – Is the framework of skin surrounding the nail border that helps to support the nail plate.
• Free Edge – The function of the free edge is to protect the fingertips from physical harm, which is the portion of nail plate that extends beyond the fingertips.
Diagram showing the structure and cross section of the skin and nail

Cardiovascular System
The effects of poor circulation to the lower limbs
The term poor circulation is usually used to describe reduced blood flow within the feet. The problem in the feet is somewhat different to poor circulation in the hands because we tend to stand up and walk about. This means that gravity is acting on the blood in the legs quite a lot of the time, so poor circulation tends to result in swollen legs of water retention and pooling of blood in the blood vessels.
Poor circulation in the feet will probably make the legs feel heavy. It causes the


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