Project Management

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Hajar Alharbi – IS 430 – Final Project March 14, 2016

a) Printing books in a print shop, especially large quantities of a single book, is a process. A process is an ongoing day-­‐to-­‐day repetitive set of activities the print shop performs when producing its products. How are these customized eBooks different from a standard printing process? What characteristics make these customized eBooks a project? The difference
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First, the management are involved in the first stages of the project. Sometimes they were challenged when there was a delay submitting the books to the college. Second, the accounting department was having a difficulty in determining the cost of each eBook that in turn it could have caused running over budget. Third, shift supervisors also challenged with who should do what. Assigning a task to a worker with wrong level of skills could have resulted in some kinds of failures during the production phase.

Forth, customer representative had to verify that the documents required were received. This means any missing document weren’t identified, it would affect the plan order phase. . Finally, production


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