Project Management - Constraints

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Project Mangement - Constraints
By Jasmeet Prakash
A project has many factors which determine its level of manageability and success. These factors can be considered constraints which may cause delays or difficulties. The most important criteria for a balanced project is often quoted as the careful organisation of these constraints. Constraint reducing techniques are used to better equip a Project Manager for success. These techniques are accomplished through the use of practical guides or methods, improving communication and personal skill of the Manager.

A constraint is a limitation or a restriction. This is anything which can delay the project. In order to figure out how to avoid constraints, it is important to first establish what
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A good plan should incorpoarte risk and uncertainty, commercial factors and internal operation issues which is everything a Project Manager must consider when working with a project.

In order to further reduce constraints or avoid them, it comes down to communication. Communication amongst everyone involved in a project and most crucially the communication between the Project Manager and the Client. The Manager is trying to satisfy the needs and wants of the Client and the Client expects the Project Manager to make their dream into a reality. However, the Client may not understand fully the management of the project and may need to be educated on the different processes of their specific project. This way, the Manager is in a better position to negotiate any ideas to reduce constraints if any. The client may need to have the project completed by a strict particular date so it may mean that the constraint of time is in avoidable and other means need to be taken to meet this. This is not an easy task to do, because if the three constraints are thought of as each side of a triangle, it is impossible to change the size of one without affecting the other two. For example, a Rugby Stadium is to be built and fully ready for use by Friday September 9th 2011, in time for the first Rugby World Cup game. The Project Manager cannot extend the date of construction, therefore he can


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