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Renita Allgood

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1. Cover Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Project Charter 4. Scope Statement 5. Work Breakdown Structure 6. Network Diagram 7. Risk Management Plan 8. Resource Management Plan 9. Communication Management Plan

Project Charter

Project Name: My BBQ Restaurant Business Adventure
Project Number: 1
Project Manager: Renita Allgood
Owner(s) Renita Allgood and Terence Allgood
Start Date: 5/5/2014
Scheduled Completion Date:

Mission/ Purpose:
Accomplish entrepreneur opportunity to invest in a personal business venture of a specific interest being a
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8. Menu and food supplies: needs, availability, and cost issues. 9. Repairs: Inspection and contractor delays. 10. Competition: Ability to attract customers, offer demands, and offer competitive prices for menu options.

b. Risk Assessment The following is an assessment of these risks in terms of the probability of project occurrence and the negative cost impact of project outcomes. Risk analysis attempts to quantify the severity of the impact of an identified risk event, sometimes its probability, and its sensitivity to change. c. RISK SCORING MATRIX


e. Risk Response

f. First highest risk – Planning risk: Will present itself immediately once the start of a project and can come in the form of time, money, presence of individuals, actions of team members, and delays that may occur. These risks would initially be aimed towards the project managers and will quickly become the focus of attention if not handled to stay on tracked during planning phase and execution of steps necessary for the planning process.

Second highest risks - Vendor and license delays: Often the system issuing the licenses, there are time lines given of 4 to 8 weeks. Persistence on receipt of necessary documents, there completion, deliverance, and tracking is vital and should be monitored to minimize risk associated with vendor and licensing.

Third highest risk – Securing adequate cost convenient location: Location is a key factor to