Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control

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Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control The project life cycle uses four phases to describe how a project starts, peaks, and declines as the project is delivered to the customer. The process of putting the plan into action is the execution phase and consists of creating the project team, monitoring the project, and controlling changes. Monitoring is the process of assessing project performance. Project control is the process of controlling the deviations from the plan (Gray & Larson, 2008).
Team Development There are several models for developing a project team. Gray and Larson (2008) suggest a five-stage model. A second model described by Messmer (2004) provides a more succinct description.
Assembling the team
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The project sponsor motivates the team to deliver the company’s vision and provides support to the project team by partnering with the project manager and project team. Excellent communication skills are necessary to objectivity and challenge the project team without negatively impacting morale (Helm & Remington, 2005).
Beyond the basic definition, project manager provide specific services to ensure the success of the project. Perhaps foremost is clarity in communication. Project managers define project goals and outcomes clearly and early in the project. In addition, they define the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. This leads to the effective use of team members and help functional departments provide clear support. Project managers must define project outcomes and establish expectations from all stakeholders to eliminate the possibility of not delivering expected results. Project managers must employ consistent processes to improving operational efficiency, manage risk, and reducing ambiguity. By doing so, they establish trust and promote transparency in communications. Project managers must obtain support throughout the organization including top management. Finally, they must manage outcomes by creating clearly defined project mission and objectives. Doing so promotes performance, motivation, and synergy (Anantatmula, 2010).
A monitoring


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