Garden Depot

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1. What factors have led to Janice Bowman’s current frustrations?
Janice Bowman joined The Garden Depot in 2005, after working as a general manager for one of the competitors. Although, Janice did not complain working seven days a week, she was concerned about the way the landscaping division was functioning. Some of the major causes of her frustration could be listed as:
1. Derek Sinclair: was the manager of the landscaping department & was unqualified for the job. He lacked the experience & skills needed to handle the responsibilities assigned to him. Thus, he demonstrated poor customer skills by not answering the customers calls
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For instance, Derek Sinclair, was hired because he was related to the owner & not because of his skills & experience, this decision hampered the business development plan as his lack of capabilities caused a hindrance in handling business complexities. Additionally, he lacked leadership skills. He shrugged away his responsibilities which could result in motivating the employees to follow suit.
2. Lack of Job Description & Performance Appraisal:
Job responsibilities are not clearly defined which creates confusion amongst employees while carrying out daily operations. The main objective of a job description is to have a clear outline of duties and responsibilities to make the screening process as direct and focused as possible, which was certainly a lagging factor as there were no proper fixed employees to assign the job. It becomes easy to assess the performance of the employees if job roles are defined. Employees tend to perform well when they know that their appraisal affects their growth & pay.
3. Conflicts:
It is obvious that there is a dysfunctional conflict among two key members of the organization, Janice Bowman & Derek Sinclair. Sinclair demonstrates of absence of trust. He tries to conceal


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