Project Management Plan Critique

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Project Management Plan

1. Executive Summary
A project management is a directional approach of planning and guiding project process to its ultimate goal from start to finish. In this project, the main task is to develop a Web-Based system through with customers can rent video games. This online application should be able to perform all the operations online as well as provide solution for any problems. All the management and planning has been done as well as all the phases required for project management plan has been carried out which includes: a. Phase 1: Initiation b. Phase 2: Planning or design c. Phase 3: Production or execution d. Phase 4: Monitoring and controlling e. Phase 5:
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However, the line of authority is not clear and could create problems afterwards. Lack of organizational chart may create misunderstanding.

Each team members are assigned with risks they may be responsible with the required solution. So, it would be easier to tackle if the risk arises. Also, the indication of probability and impact can make team member alert prior to the situation.

15. Management and Technical Approach 5.16.1. Management objectives
Management and technical approach requires a well-defined and realistic groundwork of scope, cost analysis, cost management, time management, quality assurance and management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, and procurement management. 5.16.2. Project Controls
Even though this project plan outlines the team members and their corresponding tasks, there is no communication planning. Each individual is supposed to inform the team member but it fails to explain if there is any back up person in case the team leader is sick. Nevertheless, all the risks are not covered. There is no clear meeting agenda for control and monitor. Was the team leader and sponsors to meet on a weekly schedule and ascertain the completion of milestones, it would be easy to meet the scope. The weekly status reports are generated in a weekly basis which outlines the completed tasks, accomplished milestones, project quality, problems, and current status of the


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