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ADNOC’s share in NPCC had created strong ties between NPCC and all other oil & gas operating companies in Abu Dhabi. NPCC is basically a matrix organization and its organization chart is shown in Attachment 2. The matrix is adversely affected by few factors: increased number of managers reporting directly to the functional head (namely in Projects Department), and the tendency of some sections to occasionally act in isolation of the matrix, particularly in matters related to section’s own interest, strength, and power. The isolation is augmented, in few cases, by the personal views of the section heads. However, the organization proved to be extremely efficient and coherent in crisis management or in matters having direct and considerable effects on company’s global interest. Though most of the projects are matrix operated, some projects adopt the task force concept, in part or in full, depending on project size and/or contract requirements. 4.0 Project Background British Petroleum (BP) had performed a Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) for the crude oil storage tanks of Das Island. The outcome of the QRA revealed a high potential for a full surface fire to occur (full surface means that the entire floating roof area will burn, not only the roof periphery). Due to tank farm congestion, the fire on one tank is likely to propagate to adjacent tanks if not extinguished in less than one hour. If it propagates, the fire would become uncontrollable. The QRA also highlighted


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