Application of Project Management Tools on the City School's Erp Project

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Executive Summary
Chapter 01: Introduction 5 1.1 Introduction to the Company 5 1.2 Mission Statement 6 1.3 Organization Chart 6 1.4 Role of Regional Office 7 1.5 Hierarchy of the System 9 1.6 Hierarchy at the Regional Office 9 1.7 Introduction to the Project 9 1.8 Current Financial Status of the Project 10 1.9 Activities 10 1.10 Current Activities 11 1.11 Vendor 11 1.12 Authorization/Personnel Involved 12 1.13 Duration of Tasks 12 1.14 Future Tasks 13 1.15 Challenges 13 1.16 Project Research Methodology 13
Chapter 02: Literature Review 14 2.1 Project 14 2.2 Project Management 14 2.3 Importance of Project Management 15 2.4 Project Management Process 19 2.5 Project
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In 2004, a decision was made by the Managing Director to grant great authoritative powers to the Principals and the Heads. Previously, all the recruitment and hiring of teachers was performed by the people at the Regional Office. But now, that power lies in the head of the school/branch. The upper management was of the notion that the best people to perform the hiring and removal of the staff should be by those people with whom the new teachers would work for.
When it comes to changes in the external environment, the Regional Office adapts to the changes by making changes in the current policies or by coming up with new policies, which would be the task of a special committee. The structure of the organization lies between an organic and a mechanistic structure. For teamwork is encouraged among employees, there is a fixed set of rules, regulations and procedures that have to be followed and there is a semi-centralized decision making.
When observing the levels of personal moral development, majority of the coordinators and directors are at the second level (‘Conventional’) where the manager has an encouraging and guiding style of leadership and employees work in groups. It is important for the managers to not only meet social and interpersonal obligations but also to confirm to the expectations of the people


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