Mis-760 Citibank Case Study

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MIS 760 – IT Strategy
Case Study: Citibank’s E-Business Strategy for Global Corporate Banking

Please prepare an analysis of this case. Your write-up should be 4 to 7 pages. Each of the following questions should be addressed individually:

1. What are the impacts of the internet on the competitive landscape of corporate banking? (Hint: use Porters 5 forces)
The statements below are the impacts of the internet on the competitive landscape of corporate banking: * Intense competition which further increased the rivalry amongst existing competitors * The challenges of serving corporate customers with a variety of needs in terms of size of organization and how progressive and open to change these companies were. Based on the
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This is very important because they are protecting the privacy for the customers. Citibank was able to do so by using the suppliers technology without directly involving them, using the different suppliers applications, providing best customer service to their clients without charging extra service fee, and marketing or promotions from the suppliers. The goal is to give convenience to the customers using the Citibank applications providing customers full access to their accounts whenever or wherever without the hassle or headaches.
8. Prepare a SWOT analysis to evaluate Citibank’s e-business strategy.


STRENGTHS * Combined business units * Acquisitions * CitiDirect * Partnerships: Oracle, SAP, & Commerce One Inc. * Centralized operations with much attention focused on 1,400 large global corporations and institutional investors | WEAKNESSES * Different clients and different needs * Service differentiation. This relates back to the different clients and needs because the service has to cater to the client. * Vendor Citibank was working with and the issues when it came to supplier management | OPPORTUNITIES * Creating a brand which is known for excellence. Being a pioneer of Web and mobile support for their customers. * The global service market has a lot of room for growth. Citibank was one of the few doing business so