Roger Berg--Management Ethics

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CASE 2: Roger Berg | BUS500M Management Principles and DynamicsProf. Reynaldo Lugtu (DBA Cand.) | Glenn CabacangRj ManalangWenzi Jeanne MartinezJoyce OngRyan Yuquico |

I. Synthesis
Roger Berg, the Vice President for Planning of the Lake Corporation, had to recommend a subcontractor for the environmental study project in connection with their planned large resort. The contract has been decided in principle to be awarded to Ceil Grant, one of their regular subcontractors. However, after a lunch conversation with Del, who represented a larger contractor firm, Roger changed his mind, now recommending Del’s company to take on the project instead. Faced with a situation of moral dilemma, he has to decide what would be the right thing to do.
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Utilitarian Theory and Justice Approach Del’s seeming acceptance of Roger’s justification on his inclination towards recommending Ceil’s firm to handle the project was leaning towards the moral philosophy of justice approach. On the basis of the latter’s company’s high reliance on the Lake Corporation’s projects and support as well as the former’s current healthy condition – having about two dozen contracts at hand, granting the project to Ceil would not significantly hurt Del’s company and, at the same time, protect Ceil’s firm’s survival. Hence, the decision would thump on the application of utilitarian theory as well as justice approach. Utilitarian theory’s consideration in the case would mean protecting Ceil’s company by giving the project to them and preventing job losses from their end while at the same time not causing any noteworthy hurt to Del’s company in the first place. Further, Roger’s management decision may not be tainted by personal favors as even if he asks Del’s help to get a timeslot in Dr. Neil’s schedule appointments, it will be made on the basis of their closer relationship and on their business relationship.

Deontological Ethics Roger believes that as their regular subcontractor, Ceil should be given the contract. He was being locked into the decision of recommending the contract to Ceil Grant. Roger was concerned with fulfilling what he believes is his moral duty. He believes that Ceil deserves the contract due to her company’s excellent


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