The Case of the Missing Time

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The Case of the Missing Time Good time management is essential to handle a heavy workload without excessive stress. For a manager, time management helps reduce long-term stress by giving the manager direction when he or she has too much work to do. The manager will then, have the control of how tasks will be completed at work. In addition, having control allows managers to increase their productivity. In the Case of the Missing Time, Chet Craig, manager of the Norris Company’s Central Plant, deals with work overload and finds it difficult to complete many of the important tasks at work. He begins his morning by stating, “this is going to be the day to really get things done.” Yet, in spite of his intentions to accomplish the projects …show more content…

In the case of Craig, focusing on many tasks at once allows him to feel he is in control of his duties as a manager. However, he only pays attention to issues that are urgent while leaving the important tasks incomplete. Therefore, he lacks control of the important tasks that he must accomplish as the manager of the company. As individuals enter a more competitive world, individuals tend to develop characteristics of the Type A Personality. Craig has indeed developed Type A Personality characteristics that inhibit his effective management of time. Type A “individuals develop a sense of urgency, being able to overcome any obstacle by working harder and longer” (141). In Craig’s case, he always has a sense of being in a hurry at work, has a tendency to do several things simultaneously, and ignores the elements outside of his immediate tasks. These personal characteristics prevent Craig from starting to work on the important projects he has planned. Craig then begins to question his own abilities, thinks of working at night, and considers sacrificing his personal activities for work. Such symptoms can prevent Craig of developing psychological hardiness, which is the ability to feel in control of one’s life and to interpret stressful situations positively. These symptoms can also lead to a significant life imbalance and bring more personal stress to Craig. To prevent Craig from inhibiting his effective management of time, it is recommended that


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