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Shaping, Chaining, and Reinforcement Schedules in Prison: A Review
Shaping, chaining and reinforcement schedules are learning theories utilized in operant conditioning to change individual behaviors. Shaping involves teaching new behaviors in steps. An individual shapes their behaviors when they are rewarded for closely or perfectly mastering a step in the behaviors modification. Chaining is the links that are made from one step to another in the behavior modification. Reinforcement schedules are the rewards and punishments given when an individual masters or refuses to master a step in the shaping of a behavior. Operant conditioning incorporates the use of shaping, chaining and reinforcing behaviors in order to create a desirable outcome
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Smith, Smith & Beckner discuss a research study in which anger management workshops were utilized in a women’s correctional facility (1994). In this study women were taught anger management skills over the duration of three sessions (1994). The inmates were taught anger management skills and reported feeling better about themselves and their ability to cope with stimuli that triggers anger (1994).
Reinforcement schedules are shown to be more effective in women inmates (1994). Shaping of inmate behaviors in drug treatment programs with the use of reinforcement schedules have been researched and findings have been promising (Burdon, St. De Lore & Prendergast, 2012). The shaping of anger management behaviors in inmates is possible with positive reinforcement schedules. Inmates do well when positive reinforcements for behaviors are given (Seirn & Hanby, 2009). As Burdon, St. De Lore & Prendergast explains, inmates are constantly being given punishments and acknowledged for the negative behaviors displayed (2009). When punishments are strip away replace with positive reinforcement there is a significant change in the behaviors exhibited by


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