Reinforcement Role in Operant and Classical Conditioning

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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing


Subject: Consumer Behaviour

Lecturer: Avgi Avgousti

Program: ADBA

Words: 1912

Date due:14.12.2012

Name of Student: Elena Kapona Andreou

Student Registration Number: CYN/136/11

The concept of reinforcement is very important in the learning of consumer preferences. Explain why and discuss this relation to the Classical and Operant Conditioning Theories. Support your answer with examples.

Table of content:

Page 1 - introduction

Page 2 –about learning

Page 3 - classical conditioning

Page 4-5 – examples of classical conditioning

Page 6-7 – operant conditioning

Page 8- about reinforcement and its role in classical and
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It can be said that the association between the performer is reinforced by the sentiment of admiration for the football star.


Usually, the life style of the celebrities is associated with the brand, besides the feelings of admiration for the famous people which again it can be stated that works as reinforcement. A good example may be Madonna’s advertisements of Versace.

Fig. 2 Madonna advertising Versace


Marketing may not operate exactly at the level of Pavlov’s experiment but the principles are utilized everyday.

As is stated by Peter and Olson (2010) the use of classical conditioning has several implications. First, the attention is directed to the stimuli which previously conditioned with other stimuli create a certain behaviour in consumers and decreases the probability of other behaviours. Second, marketers may find it practical to condition responses to stimuli. The continual combination of Tag Heuer watches and Nike golf clothes with the sport celebrity and thrilling golfer Tiger Woods will generate


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