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Salvador Dalí is known for his surrealist paintings and his innovative techniques which instills an illusional vision upon his spectators. Two of his paintings that have made an huge impact in mass media and pop culture today are called Old Age, Adolescence, and Infancy (The Three Ages) and the Ecumenical Council. These paintings serve as the epitome of Dali’s career that has allowed him to gain such a high recognition as a surrealist painter and an influential artist.

The fine artwork known as Old Age, Adolescence, and Infancy (The Three Ages) was painted by Salvador Dalí using oil on canvas during 1940. The dimensions for this painting measure 19 5/8 by 25 5/8 inches. It seems that Dali uses texture to depict his dreams and
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Each stage is a different subconscious idea of Dali’s mind meant to be composed in a single unit. The different shapes of the landscape, figures, and objects create the uneasy relationships between the journey of Dali’s life.

Dali carefully arranges the elements within his composition in order to achieve visual equilibrium. For example, the contrast of dark shadows and light textures act as counterbalances. The placement of the characters also complements one another as they get closer and closer to the eye. The large windows the brick wall creates serves as a viewfinder for the juxtaposition of the figures within which appear to get larger with age. Dali uses balance in order to portray his work visually in a congenial manner. This allows the composition to be visually appealing rather than chaotic and random.

It seems that Dali applied oil painting as an impasto style to achieve a three-dimensional format for his two-dimensional composition. In doing so, Dali was able to portray luminosity throughout his crafted image by applying darker and lighter tones while meshing and blending colors. This method enabled Dali to visually portray a subconscious dream through smooth visual effects with a high level of detail allowing the composition to become expressive. It seems that Dali used the blending method a


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