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PSYC-101 – General Psychology
Chapter 7 Homework: Learning (20 points)

Below are the questions you must answer for the Chapter 7 homework. All questions are worth 1 point except for the short answer. The homework must be done on a word processor. Your answers should be in your own words. Copying directly from the textbook without proper citation is plagiarism.

1. Which of the following best describes how classical conditioning might be used to treat a fear of heights? a. A therapist explains to her patient that her fear of heights is irrational. b. A therapist allows her patient access to a video game only if he can relax himself. c. A therapist shows her patient a video of a person standing on the observation deck of
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The presence of reward strengthens actions that prove to be successful, while actions that prove to be unsuccessful become less likely to occur. b. The presence of an aversive stimulus increases the arousal of an organism’s response c. The effect of behavior is to cause reward d. The likelihood of a behavior is strengthened by all consequences, negative or positive.

12. Which of the following is not one of the three general statements about learning emphasized in the textbook: a. In learning, one acquires some new knowledge or behavior as a result of specific experiences b. Learning can only be inferred, it cannot be observed c. Most of the behaviors that we learn are actually innate d. The changes in behavior or knowledge that occurs as a result of learning are relatively enduring

While visiting Disney World over spring break, Sara had to stand in line to ride the Colossal Roller Coaster. It was 98 degrees that day and after standing in line for 1 hour, Sara started to feel dizzy from the heat. The Colossal was right next to the Small World ride, so while she waited in line she listened to the song “It’s a small world” over and over. The following day it was also very hot, and while standing in line for the Zip ride for over an hour, Sara started feeling dizzy from the heat. The Zip ride was also near enough to the Small