Management External Assessment

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Chapter 4 Perception, Attribution, and the Management of Diversity
1) When managers become aware of evidence of potential discrimination, they should do all of the following EXCEPT ________.
A) pay immediate attention to the problem
B) act proactively to address the potential problem
C) review the organization's policies and practices
D) treat the potential discriminator unfairly 2) ________ is whatever the perceiver is trying to make sense of.
A) The quandary
B) The situation
C) The target of perception
D) The paradigm of possibility

3) It is essential for managers to pay careful attention to how they perceive and judge employees for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ________.
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A) conditioning
B) reinforcement
C) corroboration
D) modification

22) A professor instates a new classroom policy: For every five minutes a student is late, five points will be deducted from their participation grade for that day. The day after the policy is put into effect, three of the five students typically late come to class early. The MOST LIKELY reason for this change is the professor's use of a ________.
A) positive reinforcement
B) negative reinforcement
C) behavior modification
D) operant conditioning

23) An employer offers a $5.00 bonus to every employee who arrives at work early every day in a given week. This is an example of a ________.
A) positive reinforcement
B) negative reinforcement
C) variable reinforcement
D) scheduled reinforcement

24) ________ reinforcement reinforces behavior every time it occurs.
A) Fixed-interval
B) Immediate
C) Continuous
D) Variable-interval
25) Which of the following is NOT one of the four schedules of partial reinforcement?
A) fixed-interval schedule
B) sequentially-set schedule
C) fixed-ratio schedule
D) variable-ratio schedule

26) Fred Friend sometimes rewards his workers by ordering out for pizza. He usually does this after he has received three to five compliments on his department's performance, but over time, it averages out to every four


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