Hca 270 Managing Staff

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Healthcare managers are sometimes referred to as healthcare administrators and healthcare executives. At the most basic level, the healthcare manager job description is to manage all or part of a healthcare facility (Healthcare Manager Job Description, 2010). A health care manager’s role will vary depending on type and size of the facility they work in. A health care manager in a large hospital may oversee one department but work with several health care managers to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly and evidently. But at a smaller facility a health care manager may oversee the entire facility. The role of health care managers can vary depending on the position. Examples are: Clinical managers, Health information managers, and …show more content…

All of the factors play a significant part in managing staff levels. Annualized staffing is an efficient method of using labor. Look at it like this; it is easy to say the staff works a 40 hour week, eight hour shifts. This breaks down to 5 shifts per week. But when you are working with pay negotiations you usually have mixed numbers like 36.25 hours, or 37 hours, or 34.5 hours. You may even have to have the staff work 9 hour shifts or 7.5 hour shifts. There is also the factor of shift changes and the amount of time to report information to the next shift so you may have to have night shift work 8.5 hours and day shift work 9 hour shifts and swing shift 8 hour shifts. If all shifts worked 8 hours there would be no headaches but mix number shift can create problems. Why all the different staffing number, because the different shift have different volumes, most patients are admitted during the day so extra staff may be needed but remember all shifts need a minimum staffing level. If you have the same number of staff for every shift and every shift has different volumes then some shifts are not doing anything so why have them there. Look at it in terms of a restaurant you need six servers in the morning due to the volume of customers, than swing shift slow down so you now need five servers,