Mondi: An International Packaging and Paper Group

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Contents COMPANY HISTORY 2 SWOT ANALYSIS 2 Strengths 3 Weaknesses 3 Opportunities 4 Threats 4 CURRENT MARKET SITUATION 5 Market State in the World 5 Branches in Other Countries 5 IT POSITION 6 IT SYSTEM OF THE ORGANISATION 6 System Risks 6 Security 7 Recovery 8 FUTURE STRATEGY 10 CONCLUSION 11 REFERENCES: 12

According to Mondi Group website, 2013, Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, with production operations across 30 countries and over 25,700 employees.
Its key operations and interests are in central Europe, Russia and South Africa.
The roots of the global business that is now Mondi were first planted in 1967 in South Africa, when their former owners Anglo American plc built the Merebank
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* Mondi Group has a number of highly skilled staff, which is an opportunity for them to explore as expertise of their staff can help Mondi Group to bring the business forward.
Threats are factors which may restrict damage or put areas of the business or organization at risk. They are factors which are outside of the company's control. Being aware of the threats and being able to prepare for them makes this section valuable when considering contingency plans and strategies. This section will outline main threats Mondi Group is currently facing. * Change in demographics could threaten Mondi Group. * Not keeping up with changes in technology could be detrimental to the future of Mondi Group as they could slip behind their rivals. * Slow growth and decline of the Paper market is a threat to Mondi Group. * Price wars between competitors, price cuts and so on could damage profits for Mondi Group. * Structural changes in the industry could be a threat for Mondi Group * Substitute products available on the market present a major threat to Mondi Group.
The information regarding the SWOT Analysis is taken from the official site of Mondi Group (
Market State in the World

According to the Integrated report and financial statements of 2011, Mondi Group reported on a record set of results in a year that started with