Swot - Community South Medical Center

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Ruby Scarbrook In order for an organization to be successful, ongoing strategic planning must take place. Particularly in the health care field it has proven to be beneficial in evaluating alternative steps and establishing goals for the future (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012, p. 78). A strategic plan is a process by which managers develop a carefully devised plan of action to achieve the goals of the organization. For example the mission of the Community South Medical Center is to enhance their health services for the population it serves. Essentially since the organization mission is to enhance their health care services to the population it services then the strategic planning should support the fulfillment of
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The second main part of SWOT is External. This includes Opportunities and Threats.
These are things that the healthcare organization cannot control. The external Opportunity of the Community South Medical Center include: changes in population profile or need; the availability of new technology; and an organization that is free from competition. The external Threats of the Community South Medical Center include: located in an old urban area; changes in the economy; and change in insurance plans of major business being replace with smaller business. All of the steps in strategic planning work together and builds on each other in the overall planning process. The process is ongoing and continuous monitoring to ensure progress is being made towards the goals and to make any changes that need to take place. Essentially continuous monitoring of the external and internal environment of the organization is an important step in strategic planning as it would allow the C.E.O. to make the necessary changes needed to help the organization stay current and meet the patients’ needs. It is definitely necessary for the Community South Medical Center to take action now to revise their strategic yearly assessment as it is long overdue. Their strategic plan has not been


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