Political and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery

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Political and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Economic and political events relate to current trends in the human service field with the intentions of meeting the growing needs of people everywhere. High financing requirements provide clients with services in various areas, which are critical to their well-being. Unfortunately, this task is becoming harder by the day to contend with, and the client suffers when quality care is unavailable. According to “Human Services in a Time of Economic Crisis” (2009) “adding to the human services funding deficit, and constituting a second form of disinvestment, are a number of direct cuts made to these programs over the past several years.” The political relationship links …show more content…

The Hispanic population is growing rapidly and by the different cultures. The Human service trends show senior citizens live better health than ever before in history. There are chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions. The education levels of more women than men and more seniors are going back to school. The median income for senior men fell 2.8% and 3.6% for senior women income will continue to fall because of poverty and expenses that will continue. Older people feel better when they have a better retirement that in turn they go to school and get more income (Woodside & McClam, 2011). There will be big changes in the health field and more people will need help because they will not be able to perform simple life skills. The living for seniors has changed because of financial planning. There are different services offered by human services professionals. The meals delivered to homes combined with home health care assistant can help special needs clients. Mental health issues are also changing because more seniors have increasing depression issues that require additional help. Seniors are stressed because they are not able to do things the way they used to. A large amount of seniors simply have many concerned about exhausted benefits in medical care in their later years. Mental illnesses are one area that will influence future needs in the delivery of human services. Mental illness is a


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