Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

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The book I have chosen is called Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. This book describes the Mongol Legacy and how his achievements have impacted the globe since he was first found. This book consists of Jack Weatherford’s take of how the Mongolian empire impacted the world. This book is divided into sections that talk about the stages of the Mongol influence. The first chapter is an introduction and a first chapter name “A Blood Clot”. It starts out with the speculation of the death of Genghis Khan. Some say that his lover killed him others say that he died of illness. It describes how he had no former education when he was younger and how he was at a young age. He found a best friend, which would become his lifelong …show more content…

The 6th chapter is named “The Discovery and Conquest of Europe”. Once Genghis died his son Ogodei became his successor to the empire. He totally went against his father’s wishes of moderation and threw lavish parties and gambling the empires wealth away. Once he ws in power, Ogodei built the city of Karakorum. The city was filled with goods and the empire administrators. The empire never did really trade for goods because they didn’t have goods to trade. The only good thing to trade would’ve been the horses but they were against the idea because the horses are what gave them advantage over other armies. He horses were more like ponies instead of big stallions because they endured more. There was a three prong army of fifty thousand dispatched towards Germany. The German and Mongolian armies met in an open area,. Duke Henry ordered his soldiers to charge but the German horses tired quickly under the heavy armor. The Mongolians crushed the Germans. Subodei’s army pillaged most of Hungary. They had begun to retreat when King Bela’s army went after them. The Mongolians catapulted strange assortments of substances. The Hungarians retreated unable to take the smoke and fire. The Mongols stopped they’re penetration of Europe when an Englishman was captured after coming from the Holy Land in Austria. They had captured central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.
The 7th chapter is named “Warring Queens”. This chapter describes


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