Unit 1 D2 Evaluate Factors Thar Influence the Effectiveness of Each Interaction

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Unit 1: Developing effective communication in health and social care
D2 – Evaluate factors that influence the effectiveness of each interaction.

In this piece of coursework I will be analysing and evaluating the factors that influence the effectiveness of each interaction in relation to my work experience in a children’s nursery.

The individuals preferred language

When evaluating factors that influence interactions, in this case the preferred language style was to speak to the nursery children more on their level without using words they don't understand or personal jargon that only I understood. This was a positive influence on communication as I was able to do this effectively as I didn't have to change the language, I just
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This was a positive influence within the communication as I chose to sit at the same level as the children both in the one to one communication and group communication which was sitting down on chairs. As from previous studies about proximity I knew this would be a good way to show the children I am at the same level as them and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable when speaking to me as If I chose to stand up this could have made me more intimidating. In the group activity I chose to seat the children round on a table. This made it easier for me to see all children at the same time and bought more focus within the group activity. This gave less chance for me to have any child go unnoticed and for all children to see me properly removing communication barriers.


This affected the communication in a positive way. This was because the assumptions I used were based around working with children that are younger then myself therefore before I conducted my interactions I was able to prepare on the ways you should and can speak to children to address them in an appropriate and effective manner which will gear and enable them to interact with me also effectively.
The communication cycle was also used throughout my two interactions, one-to-one and group communications.


Here in both one-to-one and group interaction encoding was used as I considered the fact that children will have a less