Swot and Pestle Alcohol Industry

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The market of online drinks retailing has grown very strongly these last five years, increasing by 123% between 2005 and 2010. Quantitatively, the market was valued at £370 million in 2005 and more than £740 million in 2009. More importantly, a survey of Mintel assumes that the market will continue to grow in the next five years, though more slowly (59%). By the year of 2012, which is for our business the year of setting up, the market should go past the £1 billion mark. There is a high demand among the young consumers (18-24 years old), explained by the convenience of getting the products with online drinks shopping. This is a very interesting fact for our business, as our major customers are students from the
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What could the government do in the future?
It can try to fill the pricing gap (explained in the economic trends in the next part) by implementing a minimum price per unit. They also can be stricter on supermarket pricing, to save the pubs and bars from


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