Plagiarism and Citation

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Plagiarism: Writing can be a difficult task for some people. For those people, before they start writing, the first thing they do is probably idea gathering, maybe looking for relate article on newspaper or magazine, look up some definition in the dictionary, check the World Wide Web, or even take a trip to the library. Often, they found what they are looking for, and before they know it, they start copying it, maybe a couple of word, few sentence, other people¡¦s idea, or they even copy the whole thing. People often want to take things they like, it is part of human nature. But there are a big different between wanting to than actually taking it without permission, this kind of action is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined …show more content…

It is anything protected by the copyright law. In today¡¦s world, there are so many laws; some of the law protects the rights of original writer of the material. So they¡¦ll get the credit for the work they did. Intellectual property is not only in writing either, it can also include sound clips, video clips, projects, researches. Currently, there are many problem involved with intellectual property. One of the main problems is about whether the material posted on the web count as intellectual property. There are pictures, sounds, music, and video on the web which people can have easy access to. But the how is it been use is where the copyright law kick in. Under copyright law, only time material can be used are for the proposes of education, news reporting, quotation, critical comment, and parody. Collaboration The word of collaboration means to work together in a joint intellectual effort. A group of people working together, putting everybody¡¦s idea and writing altogether is a good example of collaboration. It is a good way of working more efficient and better. Two minds is always better than one, you can get a different perspective on things, a perspective that you will never see if you are working by yourself. In today¡¦s business world, some of the projects are too big for any individual to work on it by him or her self. Besides, companies like the idea of having their employee to work together, it help to improve


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