Music and Copyright

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Music has a powerful influence on society, like mass media and television. In our society today, music has the ability to define our culture. Many people around the world listen to music while driving, at work, doing housework, or even studying. Music may be seen as simple and unproblematic, but looking at the structure behind it is very important. One of the key features of music is music copyright and what that means to the music industry. Defining what this means in the historical context is of great significance. Music and copyright is a vital aspect of the music industry. The question that remains, however, is what happens with motivation or intension when samples of music are not originally controlled in a larger network. …show more content…

She said that now copyright regulates performance and that copyrights used to expire on definite dates, and as a result it is continuously inspiring the public domain with new material. Copyright laws are there to establish and to preserve the creativity and rights of the authors, and the performers of expression. They are there to protect the property rights of the creator of an original work. Within the music industry, copyright can be seen everywhere. Many artists have been involved in copyright issues. As well, the copyright laws have become an important aspect to the music industry, legally. It is important to note the different types of copyright because there are more and more of it happening in today’s world: Traditionally, courts have identified three kinds of copyright infringers: those who are direct infringers, those who are vicarious infringers and those who are contributory infringers. Direct infringers are those who copy protected works without authorization, with or without knowledge of infringement. Vicarious infringers have the right and ability to control the infringement, do it anyway, and receive a direct financial benefit, with or without knowledge of infringement. 54 Contributory infringers induce, cause or materially contribute to


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