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Health care in the U.S
The United States is having many problems with the way the economy is today. The economy is at its worst, and the health care system is not any better. The United States has the most money spent per person on healthcare than in any other nation. Even though health care in the United States is at its worst, the American people shouldn’t be spending as much money on it as they are currently paying.
The U.S economy is still struggling to recover from the worst recession in three generations. The United States is having its worst economic downturn since the great depression. What the U.S is has been going through is not normal, and will never be normal for years to come. (McClatchy, “Editorial: A real downer”
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Ironically, the nonprofit hospitals have been granted immunity from paying taxes as a quid pro quo for their altruism (3). Normally health cares inflation is a good thing; however, these are not normal times and will not be for years to come. They are not normal, because with a bad economy the United States people still has a spiral of failing prices that could damage the economy at a greater rate (1). Because inflation is beneficial, the federal board has prepared to intervene to prevent deflation.
Along with health care, states mammoth budget deficit is only going to make it more difficult for countries to maintain essential services with out substantially raising property taxes to pay for them (1). The total state aid reductions in the country for 2008, 2009, and 2010 have now reached $7.7 million. Included in the state budget reduction was the full-time equivalent of 18 jobs. The countries longest- serving commissioner, Denis Hegberg of the Forest Lake, said the current budget crisis is the worst he has seen since 1989. The American people are doing less as a direct result of the state budget. Every cost reduction is getting to now having a cost to it (1). More and more of Minnesota budget problems are sliding into counties. With following budget problems, Washington County has taken a hard line on taxes in recent years. Cuts will pay out longer waits at service counters, fewer resources available to residents, and


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