Personal Responsibility and College Success

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Personal Responsibility and College Success Desiree Rinker GEN/200 Professor Norma Nitkowski June 30, 2012

Personal Responsibility and College Success Even though personal responsibility varies from person to person, if the student holds themselves accountable for their actions they are more likely to move toward their college goals because by using time management strategies, planning, and goal setting the student is ensuring their college success and if
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Students should plan to use their time effectively to study while universities should play an important role of teaching students to develop the required skills. A positive attitude is a must on to achieve goals and goes hand-in-hand with being responsible for your actions. Another way students can be successful in college is by identifying goals for their education and setting goals. Once goals are set in place students will push themselves to accomplish them, whereas if they had not set goals or expectations or goals they would not succeed. “The primary focus of goal orientation theory is on how students think about themselves, their tasks and their performance” (Dweck &Leggett, 1988). A few of the educational goals I have set are reading discussion boards, studying more, reading all of the assigned chapters, and becoming more of a leader while working in a team. Reading the assigned chapters will help me to understand better. Note taking is important too, it gives me the material to review after completing my reading. By studying the material students would benefit because the new information will stay fresh on their brain and be easier to recall during test taking. In the article titled Coaching Students to Academic Success and Engagement on Campus it is said that academic/engagement planning is becoming increasingly important in college student success. “For students, the process of


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