Myra Levine Theory Critique

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Running head: Theory Critique of Conservation Model

Theory Critique of Levine’s Conservation Model
Dana Carroll
Nur 600
February 24, 2013
Jacqueline Saleeby

Theory Critique of Levine’s Conservation Model
Myra Levine proposed a grand theory of energy conservation. Using the Chinn and Kramer Model for critique, this paper will describe the theory reviewing purpose, concepts, definitions, relationships, structure, assumptions, and rationale for selection. Then, the theory will be critically examined for clarity, simplicity, generalizability, accessibility, and importance. Energy conservation provides a unique framework for education and current practice. Well-defined concepts of environment, health, nurse, and
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Although human responses are a complex phenomenon, Levine limited much of her paradigm to physiologic responses. I believe this limitation benefits the use of her theory for empirical approaches to research.
The theory of energy conservation seeks to provide a broad framework for nursing care. However, the pathophysiology-based foundation biases application to acute care settings. Likewise, the specificity of the conservation principles limits implications for practice. The theory emphasizes short term goals and treatment; it does not generate propositions for modern issues of nutrition, diversity, health promotion, long-term care, family care, or community health (Meleis, 2012).
Levine’s theory has been widely used to direct education, administration, research, and practice (Meleis, 2012). The theory provides a useful framework when energy conservation is important for patient recovery. Therefore, this framework readily applies to vulnerable patient populations. However, a lack of clear definitions, boundaries between concepts, and development of propositions reduces the theory’s testability (Meleis, 2012).
Practically applied, Levine’s theory most readily relates to acute care settings. However, within the grand theory of energy conservation, Levine


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