Personal Ethics Paper

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Personal Ethics Statement
According to Guido, ethics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the evaluation of human action. A broader definition would be that ethics involves the principles or assumptions underpinning the way individuals or groups ought to conduct themselves. In today’s continuous changing world, the one thing that remains constant for most of us is our personal value system of beliefs, known as ethics. Ethics can also be referred to as morals. Therefore, ethics are those morals that reflect and indicate issues that concern behaviors that are right or wrong and the good and bad habits of individual character. This important standard of beliefs can in most cases create the difference in attitudes from others both
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I went to a high school that was associated with the Anglican (Church of England) and its teachings were based on the Bible and therefore much of what I learnt in my former years were just reinforced in my teen years.
As I leave my adolescent years behind I came to America wherein a lot of the things I was taught was a little different but I came to realize that many of the values that I was taught still applied and should be adhered to even in the workplace as it makes corporation amongst co-workers more likely. I realize that the core values that I was taught as a child, reinforced when I was an adolescent has helped me as I expand my horizons and come in contact with others of different cultures and backgrounds as I am able to respect and not judge them regardless of whether I agree with their opinion or not. As I have stated before I have a hard time correcting or trying to give instruction to an older adult, but I try always making sure I am polite and respectful to my elders. What I have realized also is that there are some individuals who are more conscientious about their ethical beliefs than are others and this involves culturally differences as well what was taught to them while growing up, plus some of us are more


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