Bank of America Analysis Paper

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Bank of America Corporation Analysis

Thomas L. Lowther III
MGT /521
May 16, 2011
Chuck Andre
Bank of America Corporation Analysis

Banking is an important industry that not only serves people on a personal level, but the United States in a global economy as well. First I will conduct a SWOT analysis for the company I chose which is Bank of America Corporation. Second, I will also identify the company’s internal and external stakeholders. Next, I will describe their wants and needs. And, finally, I will explain how the company is fulfilling those needs.
The Bank of America Corp dominates the market in the United States and also uses different strategies to gain a competitive advantage over it
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They also know that actions speak louder than words. They foster a culture of openness, in which healthy debate is encouraged and associates are expected and required to report improper activity (“Code of Ethics.” 2011). Bank of America will not hesitate to separate itself from individuals who violate our values or ethical standards, regardless of performance or potential (“Code of Ethics.” 2011). Bank of America employees and managers all work together around the globe to deliver the entire company to all our constituents (Corporate Governance, 2011). They also strive to be consistent and honest in all their interactions. Bank of America Corporation embraces the power of their people on a global level (Corporate Governance, 2011). They value differences whether it is in thought, cultures, ethnicity, and experience, by simply understanding that diversity is good for business and make their company stronger in the long run . Bank of America is trying to act responsibly in everything they do and business decision they make (Corporate Governance, 2011). They are aware that their decisions and actions affect people’s lives every day. They also hold themselves accountable for the disciplined management of risk and for doing the right thing. Bank of America also knows the importance of promote opportunities the come along for their employees (Corporate Governance, 2011). We are committed to helping


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