Engineering Management

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Deepesh Rana
EGMT 501 – 912
Prof Thomas Edwards
Mid-term Project
BACKGROUND INFORMATION REGARING THE ISSUE The issue I will be analyzing and investigating will be when an organization or department receives minimal or no funding whatsoever, how does the manager or the president of the organization keep everyone motivated enough to continue working with the same zeal and vigor. In addition, how can the team leader bring out the best in his/her subordinates despite all of them knowing that they have no money to play with and invest in activities that their organization is involved in.
Being a student, I’ve mostly been involved in issues related to student organizations I’ve been a part of. The management issue I will be throwing
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Keeping this in mind, I know that I would have to know my subordinates inside out in order to tap their true potential by appealing to qualities Kotter mentions above. If I can do that, then I know that I can motivate and inspire DISHA’s members to be leaders within themselves by providing a vision for the organization and the upcoming year that will guarantee a healthy change, not just for the organization but also for the members themselves. This is again taking a leaf out of Kotter’s article wherein he mentions that fruitful change comes from a leading role, not only from the management side, but also from members within a committee or organization who are willing to adapt and are open to new ideas (Kotter 111).

According to Kotter, the capacity to achieve a plan is developed by proper organizing and staffing. This means creating a structure in the organization and assigning jobs to certain individuals with the required qualifications and delegating responsibility to them for carrying out the desired plan of action (Kotter 104). As explained in the Background Information section, the root cause of the issue resulted because of complacency of certain members. First and foremost, identifying those members would be a priority for me as the president of the organization. And in order to find out who exactly is to blame and what exactly went wrong, I would personally


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