Click Fraud and Ad

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1.) An API user is given an account but is not able to view that account through the interface. The reason being:
c. API user has “API Only” access
2.) API allows developers to use applications that:
d. Interact directly with the AdWords server
3.) Bud would like to test new logic that uses API without modifying his live campaigns. Which tools would allow him to do this?
b. AdWords API Sandbox
4.) Which of the following allows advertisers to automate AdWords reporting and campaign management?
a. Use of an API web service
5.) What is the benefit of the API?
a. Advertisers can make dynamic changes to their AdWords accounts at scale.
6.) If someone wants to make frequent, specific changes to bids based on criteria
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Why might this happen?
a. Users in Switzerland are searching on Google’s French domain
27.) What is the quickest way to add a long list of locations to target in an AdWords campaign?
d. Use the bulk link in the custom tab of location settings
28.) Why would an advertiser use the bundles option when choosing location targeting?
b. To quickly select a group of countries or territories to target
29.) Which tool allows you to test different combinations of website content for the purpose of improving conversion?
c. Website optimizer
30.) It is important to identify specific goals of an AdWords campaign so you can:
c. Make strategic changes to the account to improve performance
31.) A florist is advertising for five types of flowers, including red roses. When users type the phrase “red roses” Google shows the ad. What landing is more likely to result in a sale?
a. A page on the site that displays only roses.
32.) Which of the following are key elements when optimizing a landing page for AdWords?
b. Relevant and original content that clearly represents the business.
33.) What report helps you identify which pages on your site should be optimized?
d. Top landing pages
34.) A user conducts a “laptop computers” search and clicks on an ad. Which landing page could be most relevant?
d. Category page containing a variety of laptop computers.
35.) An advertiser can provide physical address


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