Organizational Values Essay

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An aligned organization is one which their performance influences are mutually supportive and focuses on effective and efficient delivery of system. Values play an important role in an organization and leads to success. To attain a successful alignment between individual and corporate values, there needs to be a connection between the employee and the organization in which he or she works for. The benefits contain significant value to both the organization as well as the employee. The decision individual makes reflect their personal beliefs about what is important for them and the decision organization make reflect their personal belief about what they think is important. The personal and organizational value develops based on the …show more content…

Nurses are able to prevent or manage conflicts by improving their communication skills. It is important for the nurse to try to understand the other party’s situation. Then the nurses can become focused about being understood. Typically during a conversation, an individual is already tries to think of a response to give to a person instead of just listening to what is being said (Marshall, 2006). Most importantly the nurse must have the patience to listen, and not interrupt while the other person is talking. A good communication skill allows the nurse to resolve his or her own conflicts or take appropriate actions for conflict resolution between other individuals. Communication is the key factor in response to any problems. Effective communication helps maintaining credibility by solving the problems that arrive. Effective communication techniques influence the values of other nurses and are effective in problem-solving processes in the organization and the profession.
People use organization values to lead themselves throughout their lives. Organizational values and each employee’s personal values need to blend in as well as impact people's behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. When employees fails to connections between taking responsibility for living their own lives and the accomplishment of organizational objectives, those organizations run the risk of falling short on


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