Training: Human Resource Management and Economic Downturn

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"Training is a waste of time and money because it does not impact organizational bottom line and employees do not retain training material. Thus, when the economy is weak organizations should not spend money and other resources on employees training and development. Outline your arguments for or against this point of view."
Training is one of the business activities that take place in nearly all organizations regardless of their industries. One of the incentives for them to launch a series of training activities is the fact that training can improve individual’s current skills and enable them to learn new skills (Mathieu, Tannenbaum & Salas 1992, p.828). According to Wu, Yeh & Hung (Wu, Yeh & Hung 2012, pp.
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Taking apprenticeship as an example, it is an on-job training activity that associates with long term commitment (Clopton, McCollum & Wang 2007, p.477). An experienced employee will play the role of mentor and apprentice an inexperienced employee to work. In the apprenticeship processes, the strong commitment to the organization and relationship between the mentor and apprentice will be developed that makes the employees less likely to leave their organization. Besides, negative relationship is also found between job satisfaction and turnover (Yücel 2012, p.55). When employees are lack of a particular skill to complete a task, they will feel anxious, which indicates job dissatisfaction and they are more likely to leave the organization. With training, employees’ ability will be enhanced and became more competent, which give them a higher job satisfaction (Bouris & Sahinidis 2008, p.65). The low turnover rate in the government organizations is a good example. Public officers enjoy a variety of benefits and security from their employers, i.e. the government, which provide them a favourable employment (Tsui, Pearce, Porter and Tripoli 1997, p.1095). So, the employees are willing to stay in the organization. Of course, the reality tells us that most organizations are tending to dismiss employees to maintain a low labour costs during the downturn. But, it is actually an unwise


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